Call for submissions - Impact Stories

Stories of Change from the Mekong Region:

How is SUMERNET realising the vision of sustainable development?


In January 2016, the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) will celebrate its tenth year anniversary (2005 – 2015) of its active presence and work in the Mekong Region,

To celebrate this important milestone, SUMERNET Secretariat is organising the “SUMERNET 10th Anniversary Conference: Stories of Change from the Mekong” in Bangkok in the last week of January 2016. At this conference,key achievements and successes of the partners as well as significant stories of change will be highlighted and celebrated.

Since this conference will look at the impact of our work, SUMERNET partners (from its inception Phase 1 to the ongoing Phase 3) along with other network members will be invited to share their “impact stories” based on three levels:

  1. Professional impact as a researcher or knowledge producer,
  2. Organisation and community-level impact, and
  3. Impact on the policies, strategies, plans, or practices addressing sustainability issues in the Mekong Region.

SUMERNET Secretariat is inviting network partners and others who have been closely involved and supporting SUMERNET activities to send us written stories (along with pictures) of change and impact from your work.  The suggested length for these stories is about 500-600 words with a few pictures relevant to the story or situation.

These stories will be edited and compiled in a booklet to be released at the conference.  We will also select six stories of change to be presented at a special panel discussion during the SUMERNET 10th Anniversary Conference.

Your stories of impact and change from the Mekong Region will help inspire SUMERNET members and others including the media and wider public to learn and appreciate our continuing efforts towards achieving sustainable development in the Mekong Region.


How we will feature your selected story

The stories from SUMERNET partners and others selected for the conference will be featured as below:

  1. Selected stories and pictures will be featured on the SUMERNET website and published in the SUMERNET 10th Anniversary Booklet and shared among a wide audience including network partners, members, donors, media and others.
  2. Six stories will be selected for highlighting during a special panel at the conference. The selected authors will be invited to attend the conference in Bangkok with all their expenses for participation covered by SUMERNET
  3. Special recognition and tokens of appreciations will be given to the authors of the 6 selected stories during the conference.


Submission guidelines

  1. Download the annotated template of impact story at this link.
  2. Submit your completed Impact Story to latest by 20 November 2015.
  3. The story selection process will be undertaken during late Nov-early Dec 2015.
  4. Announcement of the selected stories will be made to the authors by the second week of December 2015, along with the invitation to six authors to participate in the conference.



  • There is no limit to the number of stories that an author can submit. However, for featuring at the conference panel, the SUMERNET Selection Committee will select only one story from each author. The other stories will be featured in the booklet and/or website.
  • Stories can be collectively authored among a number of people from various countries, for example for a story featuring transboundary change or impact.


Selection criteria

Impact stories will be reviewed and selected by the SUMERNET Steering Committee, Secretariat and resource persons based on the following criteria:

a. Clear level of impact

The impact in the story should be clearly identified as one or more of the following levels: (1) Professional impact (as a researcher or knowledge producer), (2) Organisation and community impact, and (3) Impact on the policies, strategies, plans, or practices addressing sustainability issues in the Mekong region.


b. Specific and factual

The story is based on actual experience which is unique and specific, mentioning specific activities, persons, times or places, and factual, based on real experiences or situations.


c. Clear attribution to SUMERNET

The impact told in the story should be clearly attributed due to the past participation or involvement of partners or stakeholders in SUMERNET, due to the following causes (among others): gained knowledge and capacities, expanded networks, identification of new opportunities, engagement with the boundary partner, etc.


d. Significance of impact

The impact told in the story has deep and lasting effects, according to the levels of impact: personal, organisational/community or the sustainability policies/practices in the region. 


Further Inquiries


For further inquiries regarding this call for submission, please contact:

Mr. Agus Nugroho

SUMERNET Programme Coordinator

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia Centre


Phone: +66 (0)2 251 4415-8 (ext. 106)